Tips to start surfing

Summer is already close, and surely if you are reading this article, it is because year after year it is hanging around your head learning to surf. Do not you think it's time to fulfill dreams?
That surfing is in fashion we know. That you have been on a diet for five months to be able to put on that cool neoprene that you bought for that day after the jump ... too.

First tip: go to a surfcamp

The first thing you can do to do is look for a surfcamp . That will be your first contact. Surfing is a sport that requires perseverance and, like any sport, you have to train and know its rules, because at sea, you will find more surfers and you must know how to respect each one.

Here they will teach you everything you need to start surfing. They make packages of a week with accommodation and diets. They also give you the option to bring your board and suit in case you already have it or, if not, rent it there.

In addition, they always do parallel activities such as yoga, pilates or skateboarding that will help you to improve your technique in surfing.


Second tip: train before surfing

I advise you to do a training plan to prepare your body for that intense week in the surfcamp. Also, training will be good if you decide to continue and go in search of the wave.

I recommend working at the cardiovascular level for when you are in the foam and you have to fight a little with the waves. Keep in mind that your first sessions will be there, without breaking the wave, and I assure you that it tires, but do not despair everything comes.

Surfing is a sport for big heads. It is for people who take a risk and do not give up , but do not forget to do it with a head.

Each bathroom is different, and each day you learn even if it was not bathroom of your life.

Yoga will help you prepare your body for your first surf sessions.
Remember, it depends on the place you choose, the water it will be warm (Mediterranean) or cool (Atlantic). So you can surf with a swimsuit or, in the case of choosing cool water, with neoprene. The temperature of the water changes according to the area, as well as the wax that you will have to put on your table: there is wax for cold water and wax for warm water. However, if you go to a surfcamp, do not worry, all this will be explained to you.

Also keep in mind the paddling . For your first sessions, it's what you need most. To do this, get into the pool and nothing without forgetting to tone your upper body and prepare your back and arms for your frantic sessions.


If you go to the gym, get into toning classes. These classes are designed to tone up your muscles and generally warm up with cardiovascular work and, of course, do not forget that yoga and pilates is the best combination for when you're crazy with the waves! Working your core and your balance are essential to start surfing or to improve it.

If you have the possibility of going to Pilates Refomer sessions, do not hesitate. In this Pilates method you can perform very specific exercises for surfing. Nor can you forget about the bosu . You have seen it in your gym, it has a half-ball shape. With it you can work your lower train, your balance and is just as effective as fun.

bosu -surf

One of the areas of the body that suffers the most with surfing is the lower back, so you have to prepare your back strengthening above all your" core "and winning flexibility.