Buttocks 30/30, the ideal routine to look toned buttocks

You always want to look like buttocks great , firm and well toned . To have a rearguard with these characteristics, the main requirement is to exercises and work hard with the Buttocks routine 30/30.

The buttocks are comprised of three muscles: gluteus maximus, middle and minor.

GLÚTEOS 30/30 -muscles- buttocks-gluteal muscles

After knowing a bit about the anatomy of the muscle to work, we will go to Buttocks 30/30. Surely you ask yourself: Buttocks 30/30 is the name we gave to the routine we offer you; since said training consists of 30 minutes of duration , performing series of 30 seconds with each exercise . You can train three or four times a week, doing the respective breaks to avoid injuries.

To get the glutes desired, the expert in fitness David Costa, from your guide to strength training for girls , Strong is the New Sexy #CFStrongSexy invites you to practice the Buttocks 30/30 routine. So you can proudly display a sexy and voluptuous butt .

Routine: Buttocks 30/30

Follow the instructions to the letter:

  • Start with the respective elongation and warming that each training requires. It is recommended to add a stationary trot , up and down stairs or even jump rope . You can alternate these options so as not to make it repetitive. This first part consists of 10 minutes .
  • This second part consists of 8 different exercises , which you must do with a duration of 30 seconds each. Do them continuously one after the other without stopping. When you finish the tour of the 8 exercises rest for 1 minute and repeat 5 times .

1. Burpees - 30 seconds

From feet , go down with both legs back with your stomach to the floor, cushioning the reception with the hands , once the torso is on the ground, push with your arms to position yourself in flexion position with the arms extended , jump with the Separate feet and bring your legs as high as you can. Go back to the start position and repeat the exercise.

2. Mountain Climbers - 30 seconds

Hold the hands on the floor shoulder-width apart, keeping the arms extended ; Take the left knee to your chest , keeping the leg straight extended .Jumping Squat - 30 seconds

Stand in position from squats until your knees are at a angle 90 ° , with a quick movement take your arms up to your head and jump as high as you can, when you land your knees flex and get ready to jump again. Repeat continuously for 30 seconds.

Power-Squat- Jump

4. Kicks or donkey kicks - 30 seconds

Support your knees and hands on the floor arms fully extended . Leave the left knee supported on the floor and raise the right leg upwards . Lower your leg slowly without resting it on the ground. We repeat this movement until completing 15 seconds with each leg . Remember to keep the abdomen and buttocks tight.

Exercise for a GLUTEOS 30/30

5. High knees - 30 seconds

Put yourself in foot , as if you were running in one place. Raise your knees as high as you can for 30 seconds.


6. Side skater - 30 seconds

Stand. Take a step diagonal back with your left leg and cross it behind the right , bending slightly and bending your arms in front of your chest. Turn the trunk to the left . With a small jump it returns to the starting position. Make the move to the opposite side until complete 30 seconds. skater-side

7. Iron - 30 seconds

Lie on your stomach, lean on your forearms and the tips of your feet, keeping your legs straight, forming a straight line with your body. Hold this position for 30 seconds. iron

8. Bridge - 30 seconds

Lie on the floor with your eyes towards the ceiling, with the legs together and the floor of the feet supported on the floor . Hold your body with the trapeze and your heels ; separating so your glutes from the floor to align your body with your knees. Hold this position for 30 seconds and remember to keep your buttocks and abdomen tight. bridge-glutes 30/30

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Remember to consult your doctor before starting any exercise routine or new diet.

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